Affordable & Reliable High Speed Internet Service

Air Max ISP provides affordable and reliable high speed internet & phone service for residential and small business owners without a contract or credit check. High speed internet & phone service is available through our wireless network in Homestead, Princeton, Florida City, Everglades, Leisure City, Naranja, Cutler Bay and Redlands as well. For more information, please check our service availability areas in service location.

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No Contracts or Credit Check

Life is hard enough and communications companies want to make it more difficult for you. But at Air Max ISP you will feel the freedom, and your life will be better with not credit check or contract.

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Small Business Owners

There is a way to survive in this economy with high prices for business communication. Air Max ISP provides reliable and affordable high speed internet and phone service for small businesses.

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Back to School

All children have the right to learn and increase their skills & knowledge. That’s why Air Max ISP provides high speed internet and phone service for low-income families with no credit check.


Business High Speed Internet Service

Get Business High Speed Internet Service Today and Save $300

Air Max ISP provides business high speed internet service & phone service with no contract.

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Business Phone System

Air Max ISP provides affordable business phone system with virtual assistance with lots of features.

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High Speed Internet

Broadband is today’s communication and in the hospitality business, is a vital service for your guests.

small business VOIP solution

Small Business Solution

Air Max ISP provides high speed internet, phone service, VOIP, wire & wireless networking.

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Wireless Network

Need to extend your farm wireless network? Air Max ISP can increase your wireless range & internet.