AAir Max ISP is conveniently located in Homestead, Florida, and provides state-of-the-art commercial high speed broadband internet service for small, mid-size, and enterprise local businesses. Because we know how important your business communication is for your organization, we offer next-day-service installation and support of our on-site certified technicians.

Don’t have high speed internet service in your area? No problem. We have you covered. Air Max ISP is the only provider who offers wireless broadband internet service in remote and rural areas in Miami, Homestead, Princeton, Florida City, Everglades, Leisure City, Naranja, Cutler Bay and Redlands as well. Using the latest radio technology, with up to 50-megabit download and upload respectively.


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Air Max ISP’s Technology

Air Max ISP products and technology provide high-performance business broadband communications with very low latency, and up to 150 Mbps real throughput, which empower businesses internet connectivity and scalability. Using multiple 10-Gigabit symmetric fiber connections in our network, Air Max ISP provides 99.99% uptime service, faster broadband, internet redundancy and failover capabilities to our clients.

Don’t settle for less. Contact Air Max ISP today and start enjoying the highly reliable internet service that you and your business deserve. Air Max ISP’s quality, service, and support are unparalleled. Call US today at 1-305-290.3395.

WWhen you choose a local provider, such as Air Max ISP, you get more benefits and gain control of your business communications. If you have or have had service with other internet service providers, we know what you’ve been through.

This is particularly more painful when you send emails with attachments or try to upload photos, PDFs or other online documents that take forever to process. Does this sound familiar? We can relate!

Business and enterprise internet broadband usage is totally different from residential service. You probably have AT&T business internet service. Surprisingly enough, your communications headaches may be due to the fact that you’re probably using the same residential service for your business communications.

For example, AT&T’s maximum internet speeds are 6 Mbps for downloads and 256 Kbps for uploads if you’re lucky. 256 Kbps is a quarter of 1 Mbps. Don’t be fooled by these high numbers. Kbps and Mbps are different.

The internet is used for two specific purposes: Uploads and Downloads. Upload bandwidths are used to transmit data over the Internet. When your company is sending emails, uploading pictures, accessing your security cameras, backing up your servers and computers online, or using VOIP service, you are using your internet service provider’s upload bandwidth.

On the other hand, download speeds are used for surfing the web, viewing videos, watching movies and downloads. In other words, your business productivity is not optimal when you are working with a limited upload bandwidth. But don’t take our word for it. Contact your internet service provider and ask them about your current service speed. Run a speed test for your internet, and see by yourself. The results will be daunting!

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If you have any special needs for your business broadband internet or wireless communication, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be very pleased to help you.