Affordable Business High Speed Internet Service Provider

Air Max ISP business high speed internet service is the preferred broadband internet service provider in Miami, Homestead, Princeton, Florida City, Everglades and Leisure City. Internet service is also available in rural areas including Naranja, Cutler Bay and the Redlands, FL as well. Due the clear communication with customers and low prices every day. Air Max ISP provides High Speed Internet with no contract or credit check. And your prices, never increase as other companies does over a period of time. Don’t settle for less. Sign up today and start enjoying the highly reliable business internet service that you deserve. Air Max ISP’s quality, service, and support are unparalleled.

Business Internet
UP TO 20 Mbps

  • Perfect for your Business
    Internet access needs
  • Unlimited Data Use

Business Premium
UP TO 40 Mbps

  • The power to take control
    of your Business Internet
  • Unlimited Data Use

Business Ultra
UP TO 60 Mbps

  • Fully powered for virtually any Internet task.
  • Unlimited Data Use

With our Refer-A-Friend program, you can invite business partners, family and friends sign up for Air Max ISP internet service. If they join and remain Air Max ISP customer for more than 60 days, you receive one month of free internet service. You can even check your referral status as needed. 60 Mbps high speed internet service is not available in all areas. All Bills are flat rate, including taxes and fees.