The beauty of Air Max ISP Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Access.

Lighting speed broadband internet connections through our multiples 10Gbps fiber optic lines and Mesh Backhaul links, is what bring Air Max ISP to the higher level in broadband communication in South Florida. Providing reliable high speed internet service, Faster DSL Connection, Business T1 Lines, Metro Ethernet and DS3 to small businesses and enterprise organization.

Air Max ISP network and Infrastructure has been carefully developed by our engineers, using Fixed Microwave technology to provide the highest quality service to our demanding customers. It’s time to move on, if you have a small business or office, retail store, enterprise business or any other organization in Miami and Homestead area. Air Max ISP will provide high-end broadband internet service in any commercial space and building for you and your organization.

How you Get Connected to Air Max ISP Broadband Internet Service?

Air Max ISP used the latest technology in Air Fiber and HI-Power Microwave radios to connect residential and commercial to broadband high speed internet, removing all the inconvenience from the underground environment and taking advantage of the open space to get you connected at speeds never seen before.

How many times your internet service go off-line and slow during the day?

Telco and cables companies relies in underground copper lines and Coaxial Cables, to connect your resident and businesses to the internet, in which lies between water and moisture; causing signal interruption, interference and degradation of your internet service. No to mention the needs of amplifiers and electricity, to increase their signal on its way from hundreds of miles away.

Copper lines and coax cables need to be replace very often due the wire corrosion from being closer to water and moisture, but communication companies refuse to change decades-old lines due the highly construction cost and materials involve. Previously you had no other choice, but now you and your organization can have a reliable broadband internet access with Air Max ISP. Don’t settle for less, contact Air Max ISP today and get connected.

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